Sunday, August 7, 2011

Song of the Ancients ~ Fate

I'm feeling better now. I have no explanation for that last post. At all. Maybe it happened or maybe it was a fever dream, or a demonstration of how broken my mind was after that experience. The point is, I stepped back, I had to, I was still on high alert at all times, but I needed to pull back and heal myself first. I can see in my drafts several half-started gibberish insane ramblings. Some amazing coherent, some almost wholly in other languages, and of course some were just my jumbled diffused thoughts refracting and splintering into a million crepuscular violets, and reds, and golds. Huh. That was pretty poetic, clearly I haven't done enough delving into the wasteland of our madness yet. Also, there are MORE sages!? D-didn't we all get up and collectively go: "that was dumb we're not making that mistake again". Well, I haven't looked into them myself yet. Time to do research on numerical codes~!

Good Luck

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Devil in a midnight mass

You're dead.

Well someone with my face was killed

Fog everywhere.

Why are you here mmmmmmmm

Ihavenoname, you know it.

You do, it's.........................


Screaming and running and hunting and stalking and andandandand FRAGILE

Sodamnfragile, maybemaybe


Maybe it's why he hit you, alwaysalwaysalways



Can't not allowed.

SomuchcontrolNewDaddy has over you ma-ma--ma...damnit!


Meant it...but what has the the doctor done?


Screaming and running and hunting and stalking and FOG

Justgoing touse you and throwyouaway..haha just like OldDaddy



Huntingandstalking and watchingandkilling Tanoshi ya.

Isdem Pius Isdem.


Runaway. Runaway. Runaway.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Null Moon

Catching up.
You're Dead.
A lot of people are coming back
Someone with my face died.
I-what do you say, when people just stop being dead?
Might not even be, damnitdamnitdamnit!
Zero: wow...his plan, this new plan, this madness. I just-wow. Actually shaking right now, can't believe he'd fall so far so hard.
Running and screaming and stalking and haunting and killing FRAGILE puppets of glass: Tanoshi
Need to read Observe and Terminate, figure out exactly what this Reintegration Tablet is.
Poor you, all alone. All alone and trapped, but I'm part of something greater now.
So much left to do, and say, and see.
Idem pius.
Good Luck.

Saturday, April 30, 2011

No More Chain

No more asylums. No more police stations. No more psychos babbling at me about 'The Magnificent One' like I can't guess what they're talking about. No more parents or brother hovering over me looking scared about every little thing. No more 'for you're own safety'.

Finally back home, which I rented out to some people for some extra cash during my various incarcerations.  So much to catch up on. So much to say, and do, and remember. In summation: I'm re-energized, and as fresh as could be expected.

I wanted out, and was glad to be gone, but now? Now I'm glad to be back. People to try and help stories to watch unfold. I've got shit to do. 4:15 AM, got too much energy.

Good Luck.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Was trying to get out



Worldofblackandwhiteandcrackling and shattering and the fogandthepeopleoverlapping.



Subete subete muda desu. Nanimo kawarnai! Minna shinde. minna shine! Sousousousosu darenimo kakaenai korosu da subete wa-Namae no nai.

ARGHH! Thelefthandburnswiththeneedtokill therightarmisuseless omoiga kangaega barabaraninatchaunda.


Sinnllos eine ermunterung.


Good Luck.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Namae no nai uta

So, it turns out if you walk out of a park bleeding, crying, dirtying, covered in blood, and shaking the cops will arrest your ass. They held for me 24 hours since they couldn't find evidence of a crime, but now I'm free and home, and won't be pulling stupid stunts for at least a week. Oh, and thank you Will, Tom, PTC and Jean. Thage, you're comments are noted and filed away but um...they were just lyrics from the titular song  'sakana' not 'sake'. Now I'm locking and barricading every entrance to the house and going to bed it's been a long day couple of days. One thing I will thank the cops for they forced me to pull myself together quite well so the 'gibbering insanity' has stopped there are still some lingering effects, but eh, I'll hit on them later for now barricading, hot bath, sleep.

Good Luck

"Namae no nai sono uta ga
boku no kokoro wo
sotto susumeru
dare nimo kikareru koto no nai
boku dake no uta"

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Me no nai watashi

Thanks for the concern J-J-Je-SHEHASANAMEDAMNIT! Jean. Words aren't completely useless another reason to cling to get out of here to salvage my mind. Tried asking them nicely to just letmeoutletmeoutletmeoutletmeout. Nothing doing. Tried threats and scare tactics, hunting them, nothing. it's showed it's shadowing me been shadowing me for awhile just moving through the trees and the mist and the fogandthebloodandthefragile- FOCUS. Just watching me slip further into gibbering insanity. Using songs to keep my mind focused ustlikethatnight where they threwthemselves at me threwthemselvestotheirdeathbreakbreakbreakFRAGILEFRAGILEFRAGILE-"me no nai sake wa sumeru ahh nanimo mienai nanimo mienai no sa mashiro"-thought of another way out.
Tom, he's not exactly teleporting he's popping here then popping out he just has to pop in here for a second. Even if he doesn't know he's there I will just need to know where to intercept exaCTLY.

Good Luck