Sunday, August 7, 2011

Song of the Ancients ~ Fate

I'm feeling better now. I have no explanation for that last post. At all. Maybe it happened or maybe it was a fever dream, or a demonstration of how broken my mind was after that experience. The point is, I stepped back, I had to, I was still on high alert at all times, but I needed to pull back and heal myself first. I can see in my drafts several half-started gibberish insane ramblings. Some amazing coherent, some almost wholly in other languages, and of course some were just my jumbled diffused thoughts refracting and splintering into a million crepuscular violets, and reds, and golds. Huh. That was pretty poetic, clearly I haven't done enough delving into the wasteland of our madness yet. Also, there are MORE sages!? D-didn't we all get up and collectively go: "that was dumb we're not making that mistake again". Well, I haven't looked into them myself yet. Time to do research on numerical codes~!

Good Luck