Monday, May 2, 2011

Null Moon

Catching up.
You're Dead.
A lot of people are coming back
Someone with my face died.
I-what do you say, when people just stop being dead?
Might not even be, damnitdamnitdamnit!
Zero: wow...his plan, this new plan, this madness. I just-wow. Actually shaking right now, can't believe he'd fall so far so hard.
Running and screaming and stalking and haunting and killing FRAGILE puppets of glass: Tanoshi
Need to read Observe and Terminate, figure out exactly what this Reintegration Tablet is.
Poor you, all alone. All alone and trapped, but I'm part of something greater now.
So much left to do, and say, and see.
Idem pius.
Good Luck.

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