Wednesday, December 15, 2010

All That I'm Living For

Shutupshutupshutupshutup! Don't wanna tell, nothing happened, nothing happened, don't wanna tell.


Hey, assholes hope isn't a crime, in the past tons of people have relpased and come back, and at least I'm not off tortuing some chick to death hey Zero how's B? Isabella, you bitch, coulnd't even drop by to say 'hi', huh? By the by decoded the binary, not exactly singing its prasies am I? More like...well look up there I don't want to tell you what happened six years ago, so I threw up a chunk of giberish in binary.

These illusions, or whatever are going to stay here 'till I tell you, or I go completely insane, and the latter is slightly worse.

Six years ago, nothing officially happened. The reality of the situation is...slightly different however. Me and some 'friends' went out at night to play some stupid game, in an graveyard of course. One minute I was hiding the next two hands had managed to slip around my throat, no, no zombies in this tale just an over competitive younger kid. Couldn't cry out, couldn't breathe, and I was blacking out. I got pissed broke free and smashed the little fucker against a headstone. THEN the others appeared screaming at me, acting all righteous and pissed one even took a swing, broke the fucker's nose. Things escalated, the only nearby house heard the shouting and called the cops. Kid got treatment, mild concussion forgot the night, month later he was out and fine. Told my story got yelled at and grilled on the dangers of such things, fragilefragilefragilefragile, NO. Was thirteen, and the brat left bruises, notmyfaultnotmyfault, nothing official happened. Didn't feel guilty, don't feel guilty, but it made my life hell for no short amount of time I was the kid who almost murdered two people and felt nothing about it.

"My ghosts are gaining on me"

How long does adrenaline last? All the way through a night? Does that sound right to you? Nope~ I'm a sociopath...kind of. I don't lack empathy and as a rule I'll run into a fire to save someone I don't know, but if you antagonize me I'll watch you burn with a smile on my face. The Husks are just mooks to me 'cause they're not harder to kill than any other untrained human who attacks me. Oh look~ they're gone.

Good Luck

01010000 01000001 01011001 01000001 01010100 01010100 01000101 01001110 01010100 01001001 01001111 01001110


  1. I can't tell if your anger is towards me and the other bloggers, or not.

    I am sorry if I seem callous to your struggle. I did not mean to be off putting. With the losses we've had lately, I admit I did not expect you to return. I am glad to see you are fighting back.

  2. Sounds to me like you were the kid who was almost murdered you reacted in self defense. You got a raw deal back then sorry to hear about it. One question though what does that have anything to do with your current situation?

  3. I wonder that as well, but this IS a case of trauma. I think it's pretty natural that having the issues we have, would bring up something like that, even if it's not slendy related.

  4. Sorry I didn't stop by and say hi sooner, SS. Your blog was one of those I couldn't access until recently, and since then access to yours and mine has been sporadic at best--I had planned on scanning a picture I found that might be interesting, but it won't let me on my site. I just see a big Operator symbol.