Friday, December 3, 2010

Consequence Free

Decided to bring it home for, return to home. It seems Elle's been on, didn't expect her to guess I'd make her name my password, still small traps. As for where I, flinched too much when the Doc was wrapping the broken arm, one full body examination later and I'm more medical tape than man. My 'guest' is dead, but he did teach me a two things: the names of every single person I need to mourn properly when this is over, and no matter how stable they may seem one second, and no matter how many there, are never turn your back on a Husk

Things went to shit amazingly fast, I have no words...well, no, that's not true, I have words: angry, hurtful words, that are lashing out, and blaming the victim. I so wanted my first post to contain a slice of normalcy...but, that's clearly not going to happen now. Liam, Jonathon thanks for worrying but I'm fine...and getting the feeling I should rescind that offer of haven.

Good Luck, everyone who's left.

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