Saturday, December 4, 2010


What's a story without hope? What's a story without tension? The 'hole' created by the stoppinglight who will fill it? Will it be the end? Will it be the burrowing rabbit? Will it be the following rats jumping to their doom?

Isn't something wrong? Where's the enemy? Where's the terror? How long will the rats continue to follow the amusing song to the cliff? What song was sung? Isn't one appearance too lax?

If the problem is the 'song' is too enticing, why not rip out your ears? If the problem is the 'sight' you see, why not rip out your eyes? If the problem is your 'soul' that can't stop caring, why not rip that out as well? If everything is happening in front of you, why are you being led astray?

What is the 'enemy' you face? What is the 'humanity' you seek? What is 'sin' in the song? If you feel you're 'drowning', why not focus on the 'sky'. What will you sacrifice? 'Freedom'? 'Rules'? 'Humanity'? 'Assistance'? 'Ability'?

When 'everything' is over what will your 'eyes' 'see'? When 'everything' is over what will you 'hear'? Will your 'enemy' be destroyed when 'everything' is over?

'I' have no answers for you.


  1. You remind me of Jay, today SS. If the monster haunts you, why not remove all memory of your life, to ensure you can live without him?

    Outside of that, I have no idea what you're waxing philosophic about.

  2. He raises some legit questions. What next, indeed? I know I said I'll go back to how I used to live, but will slimjim stay dead? Perhaps we need to figure out a way to keep Him dead even with human awareness keeping him here. We can't let this cycle back around and just let some poor bastards at a future date fall victim to Him.

  3. You're not making any sense. Cut the crap, what are you talking about? I'm not so good with the riddles.

  4. @Ron - Well, maybe every culture has its struggles, and this is the internet's struggle? I'm not certain about him coming back in a hundred years or so, that's way above my pay grade.

    Turning in, on this lumpy ass cot. Good night all