Thursday, December 9, 2010

See of no cares

The blogs are empty except H(a)unting which is just  message "tellthemwhatyousee". Can't even see my own damn blog, or the comments, on anything. Fuck! Excuse spelling mistakes here guys cant even see the wordss I'm typing, least I can hwear the keys clicking so it should be showing up. Other than that vision is fije which is more irriating its not impeding on my life or even trying to takei t anymore just stopping me from interferring . Checked on other computers, made sure to delete the history and hide what I was lpooking at, it's a 'me' issue not a computer one Paranormal Log'sd player is working fine not tht I can see it but at 'least it means my ears aren't being screwed withto. I kjnow it's pointless cause I won't see it, but if you have words leave a comment I'm, not planning on letting this keep me downm, no I'll be back. Now to do what it wants me to:

a life wirthout it, a save lifew, a life I'm willing to throw away to save others.

Good Luck

Edit: can still see one blog perfectly  I'd love to sing an Aria for an oversight.


  1. Can you see me?

    Be safe, sir.

  2. that is bizarre. Sort of like, hysterical blindness, but solely related to the blogs...