Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Swallow's Lament

"Extend your hand across the sky
To the distant horizon, and the dimming sunset
You will also dye that hand crimson
The accumulation of my days with you
The accumulated corpses of the warriors
The zenith of that hill has even surpassed the tower that I was aiming for, before I knew it"

A song expressing the futility of fighting, right? Isn't that what you said, when you'd go off all alone after hearing about deaths? I wonder where that you is now? Is he still there under all that blood? They won't even fight for themselves giving in so easily running to people they know are dead without a thought of how it'll affect everyone else. "lots of people love you, try and live for their sake", as if! Grow up already humanity ain't inherently good, why else would He be winning so easily? Give it up, you're still in the clear burn the blog and move on with your life, He's not even bothering with you anymore, and let's face it you're not really trying to help either, just being stubborn. Oh, cute password by the way, my name an attempt to bring me back? Very clever, not nearly clever enough, but points for effort.

The One

PS: you've squandered your chance, I'm taking the laptop back.

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