Saturday, December 11, 2010


Wasn't Hosozukuri supposed to be safe? I ask because that's where the next damnable message was hiding "tellthemwhatyouhear" and I could see it just fine until...3341. I haven't been able to see them since the 8th, shortly after I listened to 3341, except Breeze in Monochrome NIGHT, which is now blank but for the message meaning its doing something to her now and playing its little games with me. I know it would accomplish nothing and indeed at least one person had trouble because of...but I want to punch it right where it's face should be break its damn sunglasses(yeah, H(a)unting's back, at least it's playing by the rules).

What I've been hearing since I woke up this morning is Anticholorbenzene but it's slower than the actual song and stuttering like it doesn't know the song very well. Only one part is clear, insanely so, and it repeats every other loop: "akirame wa boku o sukuu kara" "only giving up will save me". Yes, because I didn't get the point during the week of attacks, or when it shut off my ability to see the blogs. At least it's letting me see my own posts again.

Good Luck

PS: it was quiet enough to hear the world around me most of the time. Still can't see comments but I know I got 2 of 'em thanks. Figure it'll sent something worse to dissuade me in the future.

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