Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Flowering Night

November 23rd geez what a night. A massive coordinated attack on the solstice goers, and probably a lot more people we haven't even heard of, or couldn't get to a computer. Nessa(Hearld) was attacked by a large group her fate is unknown, I'm optimistic until we have some confirmation one way or the other.  Zero(Sage) was attacked/warned/terrorized by Rika and then more of the Husks arrived, apparently something happened during a time that he can not remember, but as he did no harm to himself and he was mad, existing for the fight, well there may be something to that substance on his blade. Amelia(Sage), Will of Paranormal Log, and myself were also attacked.

I won't bore you with the details of the attack just that there were 6 of them and years of being bullied and learning how to take a punch and limit how many people can get at you at once has finally come to practical use. On the plus side of things, it attacked so many in one go, and it took at most one, one who can still be saved if Robert(Guardian) is to be believed, I got a combat knife, Will did something that drove it back and as stated Zero(Sage) may well have just hurt it.

So, a massive attack against several 'isolated' opponent's and it still couldn't topple the Fighters, I'd say we have a good chance of winning yet, maybe not soon but we will win. In our Darkest Hour we stood strong and fought it back together, a proper Crowning Moment Of Awesome for our side.

Edit: I've taken a step back and looked at the larger picture, not really a Crowning Moment but I'm not willing to take back the statement wholly either, that night was hell but we're mostly still standing. Fizzbomb is on the offensive trying to find Nessa(Herald) and I can only wish her the best of luck.


  1. We still don't know that. Won't be able to know if it is or not until the smoke clears. We will know more when we can get a better view of who all became casualties.

  2. You're damn right I'm on the offensive! Someone's gotta put Act 3 into second gear.

  3. Act 3 starts after the Solstice.

    I've told you guys, it's a chain of events, each link is a set of stories, a generation of defiance