Thursday, November 25, 2010


Love, Light, Life.

I actually yelled that last night when I sent the bastards running. I sadly can't say I was as awesome as Fizzbomb but I did get some guests last night, though even if they'd shown up today I still wouldn't invite them in for turkey that date has already passed here. Twelve Husks showed up I got 41.667%(or 5) of them directly 3 with the combat knife before I got tackled down by one.

Don't know what it planned to do, don't care, important part is I live near woods, it was a source of much paranoia since reading about it, but much fun in my younger days. Also, it means hunting tools are constantly available to me such as easily concealed hunting knives for stabbing things which tackle you to the ground, wish it hadn't been wearing a mask would've loved to see its, that's the adrenalin talking, it's good they wear masks makes it easier to remind self they're not humans. Anyway, kicked that one off me and made a beat for the house before they could swarm, they tried but I had one more surprise: a shotgun. First one in got blasted at near point-blank, didn't set my shoulder right, almost broke it, had to drop both knives, had to use shotgun as a club for the next one in. They backed off after that, tried to take the back door, heard the long-since broken stairs slip from under one of them, heard a crack probably hit the cement block at the bottom of them. They didn't try that again.

Glad the neighbors work late, don't have to see this madness, they left shortly after, them 5 Husks shorter and at least two of them have a concussion if they're not bleeding internally, and me bruised, sick and nicked from a few knives, but still okay. Don't know if it's a side-effect of being Husks or it just has no experienced weapon-wielders to spare on me way out here, but the Husks sure suck in direct conflict. I know where I'm going to weather the assault tonight, no web access out there, but no woods either. If you don't hear from me tomorrow, well you know what happened, but I can assure you I won't be going gentle.

Good luck tonight everyone.

PS: the bodies were burned in a pit with some old wood, didn't look at the faces didn't have the guts.


  1. Sounds like you had a hell of a day/night yesterday too. ;)

    And why does everyone say I was awesome? I would like to point out I got my ass soundly kicked in the process.

  2. You took out plenty more than anyone else has, most people have trouble with one, you took down fifteen. That's pretty badass, assistance or no, as for getting beat, I'd be in worse shape if it sent more than 12 after me, or any with decent hand-eye coordination. Speaking of, how well do yours fight?

  3. Varies wildly. Some of 'em were like that thug kid in high school who has obviously never fought anyone in his life, others were good at what they do. Still can't move my arm a certain way without it locking up and my knees going weak, ditto for putting too much strain on my ribs. Still wearing enough gauze and medical tape to supply a small army, too.