Saturday, November 27, 2010

Introducing Me

Still a song's title, from a terrible narm-filled movie with a downer ending, song's kind of amusing though, and a perfect title for this post.

Elle...Elizabeth mentioned back in the post she made along with this blog that there's a lot I haven't told you. Well, that's true, you guys know, like nothing about me so here we go rapid-style. I like bad movies and good movies for completely opposite reasons. I'm 19 and my birthday's so late in the year I might not live to see my 20th, and yes this scares me, and made me cry. I've never killed anyone before this madness came to my doorstep, but I've come close, I used to have a nasty temper. I had quite a few friends in high school but I'm out of contact with them now, they're the ones who taught me martial arts, how to fight with a knife, and such. I've been doing the climbing and parkour since I was about 9. I've never had a bad experience in the woods, got lost a lot, but was never attacked and was never lost for more than a few hours. I'm pretty shy and quiet in person. Never been officially diagnosed with anything, doesn't mean I'm not insane in some way, pretty much have to be to throw myself into this.

Things that scare me: Nuclear war, Mutual Assured Destruction...comforting. Hard to think of anything after that, I guess seeing someone ripped apart in front of me would be pretty scary, but it'd probably just make me mad. Being buried alive, there's a certain scene in Kill Bill and two episode of CSI that kill me every time. Used to be scared of burning alive...'till last night, kinda had to face my fear right there and then. it, I am scared of it, I'm scared of the possibility that there's more than one of it, I'm scared that I've drawn the ire of the 'internet' it and may draw the 'Canadian' one towards me as well, assuming they are separate and not just cosmetic differences. Regardless of that fear though I'm going to continue on this path I've chosen.

The titles were nothing but a way to show I was an ally to the Fighters, then an affirmation of self, but it seems they're dropping out of use, just as well, what's in a name? That there's been so many Elizabeth's or Jeff's involved isn't surprising they're common names. Still going to refer to Nightcrawler's group as the Templars though, more as a backhanded insult then anything else. it is still not going to be capitalized even when grammatically correct, if it is a monster of our collective fear than continuing to use 'it' is denying it power, and if it's not...makes me feel better.

Things have been pretty quiet lately, might see a pick up in action on Sunday.

Good Luck.

PS: I really do love the sound of violins.


  1. Hey I like quiet. Quiets good. Means I have chance to rest before the next shit storm.

  2. Didn't say quiet was a bad thing, just a little worrying means its pulling back 'till Sunday figuring out who goes where. Good news is this means we've put a dent in its forces if it needs to pull back for a bit, rather than push forward again.