Monday, November 22, 2010

Snow Rain

Snowdrops. Despite their drooping bulbs they symbolize hope, its not hard to understand they're Winter blooms through the white blanket of death they thrive. I think its a far better background than that dull black.

Not much to say, just making it clear that I'm here. Still depressed and feel like kicking myself, but that'll pass eventually. I'm sick after running around for 4 hours in the cold and snow, little sleep did me no favors. Didn't catch her don't know how she knew I was coming either. Judging by her post I'm putting money on 'Agent' rather than 'Husk', for now anyway.

Got the laptop, haven't looked at it yet, stashed it outside the house, nearby.

It's not been a good few days, not broken though, this is trivial compared to the shit the rest of the Fighters have put up with.

Good luck.

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