Sunday, November 21, 2010

Regret Message

He finally crashed~, really I used to tell him to take better care of himself 36 hour days running around like a Fool trying to save everyone. Not my problem anymore though~.

Hello everyone its the dear 'sincerely' here! Since things are getting a little 'personal' for him now its only appropriate he got a blog, yeah? Something you should know about me my 'weird sense of humor', or whatever, is nothing more than his misconception.  I think it started when we were talking about the ending to that show everyone was joined as one, it was a truly happy ending. When he heard that was my thought he laughed and said something I don't quite remember, since then he's misread me every step of the way, and he interested me. Even now hes called my house 4 times and my cell 3 times, so I threw it at a tree.

There's so much hes not telling you all, of course I won't be telling you either~.

For the record there is no regret here, no I'll save all the guilt for him, it is such a fitting mask for dear sweet Jeff. There is however a confession: I hate humanity. All the time on the news, and stories, and in every day life, a difference in opinion or a misunderstanding causes bloodshed. Its always so sickening to watch 'humanity' running around in a chaotic dance.

Without understanding this he told me of the Slender Man-though he never used the name, no always that blasphemousness lower 'it' as if he could lessen His standing with his pathetic words-and, perhaps without realizing, exposed me to his own theory of His 'hallowing' of people: 'a greater collective'.

Yes, that is the perfect solution one grander being to take us into Himself and make all as one. The end of conflict; all that needs to be done is remove the continuing nuisances, the lessers who think they can fight the pinnacle of all: the One, its pointless, pointless, pointless, pointless, pointless, your fight is pointless!

Humanity will never reach a single peace, what they desire is conflict and fear, no matter how much you all wish it humanity will never come to together and make a push for peace because they are beasts who can not, and will not understand others, and only think of themselves even the delusion of love is nothing but an attempt to pass on their genes. For proof of this look no further than Nightcrawler, regardless of having ways to 'blind' Him rather than moving forward to think of ways to beat Him, they focused on the 'elimination' of the problem through sheer violence rather than thought. 'Humanity' is a voracious beast that will devour, and devour, and devour, He is the necessary counter of nature. He is greater than that I am greater than that now when He appeared before me I willingly walked into His arms, because I understood, oh yes, I understood he could come here but dear sweet naive Fool simply wouldn't bend to him, he's sure of his identity and holds to his belief that its through separate thought processes that humanity gain strength and overcomes trials, he is wrong and He will prove it when he breaks you Fools down one by one and you realize the greatness of One.

There is no message here, no hidden secret to find, simply my truth condensed, if I seem more lucid than I should...would it amuse you to know its been 4 hours since I started this post, its hard to communicate on your lesser level, and my hands keep rebelling trying to create messages and hide truths for you to find, when there is none, I am only complete now, as you will be.

Now then as you were so nice to leave me your password dead Fool 'tsumi ni kizuku no wa itsumo' I'll leave two things for you first: this laptop your old one kept crashing 'cause something happened to it, right, you should thank me~. Second: I've changed your password, it seemed fair since I just gave it away, here's your hint: ''hanin wa dare, kimi wa shitteru ne kimi wa  me no mae wo subete no dakara".

Hes coming for me, He didn't crash, it was a trap, hufufufu~ always forgot Hes quite smart, probably has all the hotspots memorized. Well then bye everyone maybe I'll be seeing some of you~!

The One

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