Saturday, January 22, 2011

Kinjirareta Asobi-Pandora Hearts

Not the opening to Rozen Maiden.

Got the notes, and the transcripts with relative ease. I'm going through some of them now, two years in all. Just a heads up on my situation although it would appear while I was trapped in the past some things have been going on in the present. Will had that junk character binary which has apparently been decoded: 

"Twisted demon of a land forgotten wondering through the sands of time in searching for answers about its creation tormenting those who learn its nature given a name but not a face soon you will all be displaced".

Heh, 'wondering'. It strikes me as...ironic, that me, and it seem to have the same problem. A lot of new blogs have popped up, that I need to catch up on when I get the time. And Isabella came back just long enough to bid farewell, while Jean keeps going living only for the sake of saving another. Well if that's the identity she's clinging to I'm in no position to criticize. 

Good Luck

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