Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Voile, the magic library

Report of incident 2245 and following session with Patient ---
Date: 3/03/03
Patient --- entered 'special cases' ward and was found with subject ----. Subject ---- was clinging to patient --- and speaking of the recurring problem. Patient --- was attempting to calm subject ---- to little avail. Patient --- was reluctant to leave subject ----'s side but eventually relented. Patient --- should receive a session as soon as possible to prevent the recurring problem from becoming more prevalent.

Signed, and sealed

Patient ---: Hello, Doctor
Doctor [REDACTED]: Hello, son.
Patient ---: What seems to be the problem?
Doctor [REDACTED]: For starters that area you were in, you weren't supposed to be there.
Patient ---: [A brief pause] why?
Doctor [REDACTED]: We've already be over this; that area is out-of-bounds as it is for particularly extreme cases.
Patient ---: What is 'extreme' anyway?
Doctor [REDACTED]: Confidential. [Quickly] Now then I think you should know that Miss [REDACTED] suffers from-
Patient ---: Hallucinations, what else could it be? A tall man without a face that is 'always staring', what else could it be?
Doctor [REDACTED]: Yes, good you are able to tell the difference between reality and illusion.
Patient ---: That isn't my problem Doctor.
Doctor [REDACTED]: Indeed, and in regards to that problem you have made great leaps lately to returning to normal society.
Patient ---: [Laughs] Yeah, sure 'normal'.
Doctor [REDACTED]: Now then, would you care to share how you managed to get into that ward?
Patient ---: No.
Doctor [REDACTED]: [Shocked silence] I-I see, then [how] about the usual game, you give me a hint to the solution and I'll-
Patient ---: No
Doctor [REDACTED]: Why?
Patient ---: All the hints you need should be in the security cameras, right?
Doctor [REDACTED]: Yes, yes, of course. Now then if you'd follow Nurse [REDACTED] back to your room.
Patient ---: [Still sitting, making no motion to stand]: Doctor?
Doctor [REDACTED]: Yes?
Patient ---: [Hesitates, then stands] Never mind,  it's not really important.

Notes: Patient ---'s rehabilitation is continuing steadily without use of medication, his inherently curious, yet distrusting nature however continues to be a roadblock. That final question, I wonder what he wanted to ask? Perhaps I can bring it up naturally in our next, and possible final meeting. The heads feel he is ready to be released, barring one final practical test, the nurses so far have noted he responds to nearby injuries as a normal person would: with shock and a desire to help, as opposed to his prior breakdowns. He seems to dismiss the recurring problem as nothing more than a hallucination, if he continues to think of it as such and forgot it, more the better. Review of the security footage shows the patient entering the special ward through a disused part of the building, and why weren't these doors locked?

Patient ---
Age at Admittance: 11
Gender: Male
Date of Admittance: 10/13/02
Date of Birth: 12/28/90
Date of Release: 3/05/03
Initial Diagnosis: [REDACTED]

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