Thursday, January 20, 2011

Swear To

Red tape is such a bitch.

I`ve been making those calls and being redirected and put on hold too many times in the past 4 days. Good news is I`m a little closer...bad news is I have to go somewhere 3:00 in the morning here have to be...there...the mental hospital at...time isn`t important. To get, what I need, I have to be examined to ensure I won`t have a relapse because I see the notes. If it appears...if it appears, who knows? I might be calm, or freak out or...something. I had a point when I started this. Oh. Right. If I don`t come back... immediately, assume I got chucked into a padded cell.

If this is the last time I can contact you all.

Good Luck.

Never give up your hope.

I have every intention of coming back.

oh also:

''I will (EDITED) stab you computer phone lady''

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