Monday, January 17, 2011

Perfect Night

"This song is shapeless.
No real definable melody or rhythm.
But pure formless malice, a juxtaposition of the negative emotions put out by humans."

Time. Time is, a-a-a-lin egmnent. Line.....segment, line...line...I swear I didn' was it the thing without face in the graveyard. I didn't-blood everywhere-FAGILEfragilefragilefragilefragile. Everything dissolving into mist churning and lost and fragments everywhere glassfragilefragilefragileglass and blood and mist. Swirling mixing. Head Hurts.
Go back.
The background 
Back to the 8 9 years ago when nothing happened

Back to the 7 years ago when it was cold and lost and faceless and shapeless and infected
Line up the pieces. Tell it all. Ghosts ghosts hiding in the mist and the time and the blood and the fragilefragileglass....or is it ice?

I...I'm here now its my past thats scattered...I...I need to think to line everything up..I have some calls to make. I....
Will never lose it!
Good Luck

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