Saturday, January 15, 2011

Mauve Iro No Sympathy

A word to the wise: slicing open your arms is stupid. Usually. it kind of showed up on New Year's, just woke up and boom there's the enemy looking at me through my window. I stabbed at it with an icicle, then things get hazy I know I hit it because some of its...I'm going with goo had splattered on me. Don't think it was actually hurt but it did go away. I glared back for a moment and then started cleaning up the blood around me. it just watched until I had finished cleaning up. I walked out of the forest, alone, it was there, but it couldn't be, the mist, the blood, a world of...why? I kept the paper towels with my blood, not sure why, should just burn them. Stuffed 'em in a container for now. Still here.

Good Luck


  1. But ice hit him? That's good to know. Though I don't know how much longer that bit of information will be useful. Winter will be ending soon.

  2. Perhaps the great weapon will not be a blade, but an ice cream van.

  3. Like I said then, it didn't so much hurt it as make it pull back.