Thursday, January 13, 2011

White Destiny

It's been snowing here a lot, lots of icicles everywhere. Real pretty, sad it only started coming down after Christmas. Focusing on things that aren't lost, my life, everyone left, my hope, my will to fight back.

The patient continues to show adverse reactions to others around him getting harmed. 
Jean...I hope Fizz finds her, and savers her.
Today, another patient near him cut their finger, his reaction was immediate and severe: clawing at his own throat with the repeated exclamation of "fragile". 
Good luck.
The events in the forest, have yet to be fully determined through interviews with the patient or investigation.

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  1. Hope is a strange commodity. Limitless, as long as your will and belief in a brighter day remains.

    Without either, however, the Black King feeds, and the insatiable tide grows in power.