Sunday, February 20, 2011

Dark Woods Circus

There is a lot of fog here. Like, seriously far FAR too much fog. yeahyeahyeahyeah ISEEYOU to. There's wi-fi here maybe not the time for speculation after. After I'm out, after I've changed the background back afterafter. Gottta..gotta..didn't get captured wanted to come here had to test something, confirm something had to get to...doesn't matter anymore, stay safe Aussie. Could use this chance to go pay everyone a visit personally, no, no, stupid. Physics work wierd here, ya know? I hit someone to steal this....this...this...thing. I know it has a name whatisitwhatisitwhatitis ithasaname! Pointless, that train of thought is pointless, calm down, calm. BACXK OFF FUCKER. Right, right, physics be fucked, hit the guy and his head kinda hit it, and it just collapsed then BOING back to shape...think they might be dead, didn't check. Getting out of her now, messing with my heads in wierd ways. Or maybe I won't too soon to be sure, left arm is burning head is poiunding branches are shifting and screwy and ISEEYOU. Need to get out.

Good Luck


  1. dark woods circus, a callback to Haunted?


  2. Don't go too far into the woods, Suspended. Please.