Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Namae no nai uta

So, it turns out if you walk out of a park bleeding, crying, dirtying, covered in blood, and shaking the cops will arrest your ass. They held for me 24 hours since they couldn't find evidence of a crime, but now I'm free and home, and won't be pulling stupid stunts for at least a week. Oh, and thank you Will, Tom, PTC and Jean. Thage, you're comments are noted and filed away but um...they were just lyrics from the titular song  'sakana' not 'sake'. Now I'm locking and barricading every entrance to the house and going to bed it's been a long day couple of days. One thing I will thank the cops for they forced me to pull myself together quite well so the 'gibbering insanity' has stopped there are still some lingering effects, but eh, I'll hit on them later for now barricading, hot bath, sleep.

Good Luck

"Namae no nai sono uta ga
boku no kokoro wo
sotto susumeru
dare nimo kikareru koto no nai
boku dake no uta"

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