Thursday, February 3, 2011

Major Surgery

Hospital records state that Patient/Subject --- had a severe and unexplained redness across the whole of his body as well as a large gash on his left arm. The redness faded before any conclusion could be reached as to its cause. Patient/Subject ---'s left arm was treated immediately, however the leading physician  noted afterward: 'the emergency paramedics noted the deepness of the wound, but at the time of surgery the wound was actually quite shallow. Further blood tests of [Patient/Subject ---] shows mild discrepancies with prior blood work.'

The victims were found two days later hanging from the trees of [REDACTED]'s public park, while Subject/Patient --- was still in the hospital. Victims were found in the usual state with several organs moved to different points; with one strange constant: the heart of all victims were placed whole in the left arm. The bones in the victims left arms have not yet been recovered in either the forest, or the victims' bodies. Various patches of skin on the victims' bodies appeared to have been melted off, as if by some high concentration acid, these missing patches of skin all have a tell-tale redness around them.

Judging by the state of the victims and Subject/Patient ---'s ramblings it is clear he has met the recurring problem, as such I move he be relocated to the extreme ward to prevent him from infecting others.

Signed and Sealed

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