Friday, February 18, 2011

I'll be seeing you

Stupid, stupid, stupid, sloppy work. Just leave him alone for a little while and he forgets to lock his door. Lucky for us huh~. Daddy wants to run a little experiment, and as you allknow He he is all about helping people who don't deserve it. Should I tell you more? No. No I think I'll let you sweat it out for a bit. Just know this, none of you can save him, except for the one with the serendipitous name bu~uut if he shows up the traitor bitch dies.

As for who I'll be seeing? Maybe the Knight of the Dead Tongue, or maybe I'll attend that funeral in his place, or maybe I'll give the happy couple my best in person, or maybe I'll talk to the drooling insane man, so many targets so little time~! 

The One

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